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A Nepalese Funeral, A Public Cremation, and Sharing a Stranger’s Grief

1 May

Kathmandu  Outdoor CremationIn our culture, even in this era of extreme openness, there are still some things that we keep private. Last year when my father died, I remember asking my mother if she wanted an open casket at the funeral. And while she wanted it open, there is a feeling of vulnerability when your loved one is laid out for people to see, even if those people are friends and family.

So when you see a culture that performs its funeral rituals with complete openness, it is sobering as well as shocking. I wasn’t prepared for it and that made it more unbelievable. As it stands, I’ve thought about this funeral many times since we returned from Nepal two weeks ago.

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Through the Eyes of a Child: Remembering Petra

31 Jan

I often wonder what my children will remember about our travels.  And even if they don’t remember everything, I hope that traveling will give them a natural curiosity about the world, especially when we visit awe-inspiring places like Petra, Jordan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Treasury, Petra, Jordan

Treasury, Petra, Jordan

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