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Warning! Disney Related Profanity Will Be Found Below

28 Feb

Holley Shiftwell

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Entertaining the Little Guy on long trips has been fairly easy. All he needs is a toy car, and he is content, playing for hours. So when Disney came out with the movie Cars 2, we bought a few of the cars, excited that he would have some new toys. And Holley Shiftwell, the sleek purple spy car, was one of his favorites. Little did I know, she would cause some major embarrassment. Continue reading

Never Read the News While on Vacation (Even if There’s a Grenade in the Street)

27 Feb

On February 14, 2012, an Iranian man threw two grenades down a busy street in Bangkok. Despite blowing off his own legs, he survived.

Streets of Bangkok

Streets of Bangkok

We had no idea, even though our hotel was less than five miles away.

I don’t usually read the news while on vacation. I figure it’s nice to kind of fall into a hole where reality doesn’t affect you. But what if the reality is that there’s a terrorist throwing grenades in the city you’re visiting? Shouldn’t you know about it?

Thai Giant

Thai giant, guarding the Wat Phra Kaew temple grounds

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How NOT to Get Cheated by Taxi Drivers…Ever Again!

21 Feb

I have a love-hate relationship with taxi drivers. There are those I love, the ones who have taken us on tours and one who even invited us to his home. But, there are some I hate, the ones who con me, thinking I’m a dumb tourist who’ll never know the difference!

I’ve been cheated by taxi drivers all over the world, from Houston to Macedonia. Then, I got smarter and started using a system to check their honesty. Until I started using this method, I was never sure if I was being had. So, here it is…. I promise it works!

Limassol, Cyprus

In Cyprus, our taxi driver took us to his home to meet his 2-yr.-old daughter. He even gave us a bag of fruit picked from his own trees. Such a nice man! (Limassol, Cyprus)

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Mull It Over? No, Moldova…The Country

13 Feb

When we told people we visited Moldova, we got blank stares. I figured that people didn’t want to appear ignorant by asking “Where is THAT?” Instead, they said nothing.

Believe me, I completely understand. I’m no geography whiz. I only found out about Moldova when Mr. Wanderlust said he wanted to go there.

So, I wasn’t surprised when no one asked where it is. I was surprised that no one asked, What’s there to see in Moldova? or Why would you go there?

Orthodox Church, Moldova

Orthodox church spires in Moldova

Just so you know, there’s only one reason to go to Moldova… Continue reading

My Backwards Bucket List

7 Feb

I love reading Bucket Lists. If anyone has one, I always check it out, looking for interesting places or fun things to do. And while I love reading them, I’ve never made one.

As a salute to all you Bucket List people out there, I’ve decided to write a series of posts that I call my Backwards Bucket List. These are the places I’ve visited (or fun things I’ve done) that would have been on my bucket list, if I had had one. And since I’m going about it backwards, I’m going to call it just that…A Backwards Bucket List.

So, periodically, I’ll write about one of these places. They won’t be posted in any particular order, but they ARE the best-of-my-best. The first thing on my list has to be: Continue reading