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Through the Eyes of a Child: Remembering Petra

31 Jan

I often wonder what my children will remember about our travels.  And even if they don’t remember everything, I hope that traveling will give them a natural curiosity about the world, especially when we visit awe-inspiring places like Petra, Jordan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Treasury, Petra, Jordan

Treasury, Petra, Jordan

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Corruption, a Scam, and Questioning my Behavior

24 Jan

Isla del Sol, Bolivia

When we decided to go to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, we knew it would be an unbelievable sight. And it was. Spanning the borders of both Peru and Bolivia, you can visit reed islands, inhabited by indigenous Peruvians, or you can hike along the coast of the Isla Del Sol, the mythical birthplace of the Incas.

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5 Ways to Travel Without Using a Guidebook (& Save Room for Diapers)

20 Jan

Guide books are great if you have extra space in your luggage, but with all the diapers we have to pack, we NEVER have any. So, here are 5 tricks we use to make sure we see all the sights… without packing that trusty guide book. Continue reading

Catching the Cold in Patagonia, Argentina

13 Jan

Perrito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina (And, yes, those are people on the walkway)

When my husband called from work asking me to meet him at the airport for a spur-of-the-moment trip to Patagonia, I was excited. We had four days off and a place to go.

Traveling on a whim wasn’t unusual before we had children. Checking flight schedules, we’d throw clothes in a bag and run to the airport to catch a flight.

Packing quickly wasn’t difficult. I was a flight attendant. I did it all the time. Besides, I knew it was summer in South America, since it was winter here in the U.S. I checked the internet to be sure, though. Yep, it was summer down there or was it???

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