Important Note to Self 

20 Jul

When your gorilla trekking guide yells at you to “Go! Go! Go!”, I recommend you run for your life. Because when the Rwandan silverback gorilla, who has just beat his chest like bongos, decides to pull an entire tree down on your head, it will probably hurt. Fortunately, all it did was knock some sense into us. And no, I don’t have a photo. I was too busy hauling ass to get one. 

I’m Back

17 Jul

 Hi Everyone- It’s been a while. I’ve missed y’all! We’ve been going strong and have visited more than thirty countries since my last post.  And yes, the jet lag we’ve experienced has been crazy bad!!  And no, the photo of the gorilla is NOT one of me after a really bad flight! 

Over the last couple of years, some of our trips have been great – trekking with the gorillas in Rwanda! Some have been terrifying – being mobbed and robbed in Tunisia. And some of it has been heartbreaking – seeing the destruction of the recent earthquakes in Nepal. I hope to share it all with you. Talk to you soon-  


What I Learned in a Sikh Temple

11 Aug
Sikh Temple-Red Eye Family

Sikh Temple in New Delhi

If Wade Michael Page, the white supremacist who murdered six people last weekend at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, had felt compassion, would he have committed the murders?

I don’t think so.

How do you get to the point where you feel no compassion? I’m not sure. But, I think it must start very early in life.

As I’ve said in other posts, I feel a huge burden to teach my kids certain life lessons. Compassion for others is one of those.

If you’re like me, I don’t come in contact with any Sikhs at home. But in April, we visited a Sikh temple in India.  And here’s what we found. Continue reading

Parenting the Living Goddess: Am I Creating a Monster?

8 May

House of the Living Goddess

Parenting a toddler can be so difficult. This week we attended a birthday party for a four-year-old friend. Everything was going well until it was time to leave. It was at that moment, Feisty Spice, my two year old daughter, decided to scream NO! and hole-up in a bouncy house. I finally had to crawl in and drag her out, kicking and screaming. (Her not me) She didn’t want to go.

Embarrassing as this was, I fought the urge to make excuses. She’s jet-lagged.  She didn’t have a nap. She doesn’t usually do this. She….fill in the blank.  And the reason I didn’t make an excuse was because I’d just visited the home of a little girl called the Living Goddess in Kathmandu.

Continue reading

A Nepalese Funeral, A Public Cremation, and Sharing a Stranger’s Grief

1 May

Kathmandu  Outdoor CremationIn our culture, even in this era of extreme openness, there are still some things that we keep private. Last year when my father died, I remember asking my mother if she wanted an open casket at the funeral. And while she wanted it open, there is a feeling of vulnerability when your loved one is laid out for people to see, even if those people are friends and family.

So when you see a culture that performs its funeral rituals with complete openness, it is sobering as well as shocking. I wasn’t prepared for it and that made it more unbelievable. As it stands, I’ve thought about this funeral many times since we returned from Nepal two weeks ago.

Continue reading

Backwards Bucket List: Flying by the Top of the World!

24 Apr

Mt. Everest by planeI’ve wanted to see this place for a very long time. And since it can be difficult getting there, I didn’t know if we’d be able to, especially with children in tow. But, we did! Last week, we took a flight and got to see the top of the world… Continue reading

5 Surprising Reasons You Should Go On A Cruise With Your Kids

17 Apr

Legend of the SeasThink that cruising is just for old people or for couples wanting to party their way through the Caribbean? Think again. More and more families are cruising and here are 5 reasons why… Continue reading


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